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What We Do: We help our clients save large amounts of money, improve efficiencies, and avoid costly errors in their global logistics operations.

Who We Are: We are a team of high-performance, hands-in industry veterans that come to the table with proven experience. We deploy experts in import / export compliance, multi-mode transportation, partner negotiations, third party logistics, and general operations management to implement innovative solutions with immediate, measurable results. Our resources, along with our supply base management techniques, collaborative communication infrastructure, and technologies frequently produce savings of 15% to 35% of a company’s logistics spend.

Customized Supply Chain Solutions to Help You Succeed

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Transportation Cost Savings
We conduct a 1-2 day no-cost audit of your transportation spend and identify opportunities for cost savings in areas such as rate reduction, coding errors, commodity code reclassification, or service level requirements. At the conclusion of this audit, we present you with our findings and recommendations, including a quantifiable cost savings opportunity.

Client: Large West Coast contemporary clothing retailer
Concern: The client company was concerned that its global transportation expenditures were escalating and they could not pinpoint cost savings opportunities. The company also desired to establish a best-practices import compliance program to eliminate non-compliant entries and subsequent risk of fines and penalties.

Global4PL conducted a post-audit of recent freight invoices and shipments, and discovered transportation cost savings totaling over 27% net cost savings. Global4PL reviewed the company’s import compliance program and documented required changes to achieve best-practices status, and identified classification changes to comply with US CBP regulations.

CBP, BIS, and SOX Compliance
We offer a comprehensive set of services to ensure compliance with import / export regulations and to improve the efficiency of your compliance processes. We develop and document a comprehensive import / export program proven to pass muster with CBP and / or BIS in the event of an audit or error. We will ferret out errors to avoid costly fines. We will identify any duty savings opportunities.

a. Review existing operations
b. Set up compliance programs
c. File rulings
d. Review products, classification, create databases
e. Free trade agreements – qualifications / reviews
f. Create policies and procedures
g. Draft disclosures

Client: Mid-size computer company
Concern: The client company had a small logistics staff with limited import/export compliance expertise and a potential risk of non-compliance in import/export operations.

Global4PL compiled a best-practices import/export compliance program that detailed compliance procedures, documentation formats and record retention methods and requirements. Global4PL reviewed all products’ HTS commodity codes and uncovered a classification error. Then, to rectify the past errors, Global4PL prepared thorough documentation of the errors, calculated duties owed to US CBP, and prepared the post-entry filing for submission to US CBP. The self-disclosure was accepted by US CBP with no assessment of penalties and no further action.

Logistics Strategy
We conduct a complete review of your supply chain management that spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. We provide a complete assessment of your inbound & outbound distribution, warehousing, and reverse logistics functions, both domestically and internationally. We identify inefficiencies and opportunities for cost savings.

Client: Large telecommunications manufacturer
Concern: The client company modified its supply chain footprint as the market and strategies shifted over time.

Global4PL executed the project to rationalize the company’s logistics strategy and to optimize the revised supply chain strategy. Global4PL’s assessments (including geopolitical and process risks) and solutions improved the company’s intra-Asia shipping efficiency. Global4PL set up customized import / export compliance programs, having met with officials at contract manufacturers and conducted packaging redesign which resulted in 53% overall cost savings without compromising engineering requirements. Global4PL revamped transportation provider relationships, resulting in 20% reduction in transportation costs. Global4PL developed and implemented an operational strategy to minimize EU VAT charges (including reverse logistics considerations). Last, but not least, Global4PL provided a supply chain visibility tool (PO Horizon™) that tracks product movement at the part number level.

“In the first month we engaged Global4PL we were able to implement three cost reduction projects which will result in millions of dollars in savings over the next five years”.
JB Delaney
Director, Supply Chain
Infinera Corporation

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